Benefits of Peppermint Gel

Benefits of Peppermint Gel

Loved by so many clients, Wen’ells Essentials Peppermint Gel is one of our best sellers!

Peppermint is a natural pain relief and muscle relaxant, so I recommend it to treat headaches, stress and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, tired legs and feet, and sciatica pain. It is also great for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

Wen’ells Essentials Peppermint Gel is made with two ingredients - 100%  Gel Base  and pure peppermint mentha arvensis essential oil.

Keep a bottle in your purse, next to your computer or on your bedside table to apply at any time of the day or night.

The gel has a soothing sensation, but less is more. If you use too much, you’ll end up with too much heat and a white film will be left on your skin.

I’ve been using this special, natural formulation in my clinic for decades and use it myself every day to relieve tired muscles and the general aches and pains that come as we get older.

It’s also great to use if you have wind pain and abominable cramps.

Wen’ells Essentials Peppermint Gel is suitable for adults, children and infants.

Use Peppermint Gel in conjunction with Wen’ells Essentials Arnica St Johns Wort Cream for maximum effect for TMJ.

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