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We all want to keep our families safe and healthy, but during certain seasons it can be a real battle. When colds and sickness run rampant, it's time to get strategic.


Take control with Wenells Essentials Colds and Sickness Pack! This all-in-one solution is packed with essential goodies to help you protect your family from the dreaded winter sickness blues. When you have this pack on hand, you'll be equipped with all the necessary tools to put up a strong defense against illness before it even begins.


From essential oils to powerful sanitizing sprays, this pack has everything you need to stay protected from head colds and flu all season long. Let's get into the details of the Wenells Essentials Colds and Sickness Pack—and see how easy it is to keep your family healthy this winter.

Overview of Wenells Essentials Cold and Sickness Pack

Having a family can be stressful at times, especially when sickness and colds make their rounds. To help keep your family healthy and happy, the Colds And Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials is your one-stop solution for combating colds and sickness before they start. This pack includes:


Breathe Relief – For when you or a family member starts to feel congested, Breathe Relief helps reduce congestion to make breathing easy.


Antiseptic Spray Blend – This blend of essential oils helps cleanse surfaces and create an environment free of bacteria and germs.


Hand Wash – Formulated to provide gentle cleansing, this hand wash is perfect for keeping hands clean during flu season.


Antiseptic Spray Blend 30ml – Keep this spray on hand to quickly sanitize surfaces in your home or workplace.


Antiseptic Sanitiser Gel 30ml – A convenient way to sanitize skin and hands without soap, Antiseptic Sanitiser Gel is ideal for people on the go.


Antiseptic Hand Wash 50ml – When anti-bacterial gel isn’t enough and a full-on wash is needed, reach for Antiseptic Hand Wash for protection against all types of colds & sickness.



The Colds And Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials will help you keep your family healthy all season long!

What's Inside the Cold & Sickness Pack?

The Colds & Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials is the ultimate defense against colds and sickness. Here's a rundown of the pack and its components:


- Breathe Relief: This essential oil blend containing eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender is designed to help ease cold symptoms by soothing your nasal passages and providing relief from stuffiness.

- Antiseptic Spray Blend: Containing lemon, tea tree, lavender, and rosemary essential oils, this powerful blend is great for keeping bacteria at bay. It's an ideal choice for surfaces that need quick, natural cleaning with no harsh chemicals.

- Hand Wash: This blend of orange, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint helps to keep your hands clean without drying them out. It's perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen, or anytime you need a quick hand wash on the go.

- Antiseptic Spray Blend 30ml: Quite similar to the above Antiseptic Spray Blend but in a smaller size for easy portability.

- Antiseptic Sanitiser Gel 30ml: This sanitizing gel is designed to kill 99% of germs on contact without drying out your skin or leaving behind a sticky residue. It can be used as often as necessary throughout the day for optimal protection from bacteria and viruses.

- Wenells Essentials: Finally, all of this is rounded out with some of Wenells Essentials' top all-natural products like their skin balm to help soothe sore muscles and their Sleep Tight Night Balm to promote a restful sleep

How to Use Wenells Essentials Cold and Sickness Pack

The Colds And Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials is your one-stop solution to staying healthy all season long. This pack includes:

- Breathe relief – a natural, herbal balm designed to open up your airways and alleviate congestion

- Antiseptic spray blend – a powerful blend of plant-based oils designed to help protect against infection

- Hand wash – a gentle, non-drying formula that cleans and protects, providing a barrier from germs and viruses

- Antiseptic Spray Blend 30ml – an alcohol free spray designed to kill germs quickly and effectively

- Antiseptic Sanitiser Gel 30ml – an alcohol free gel that works quickly and easily on hands, surfaces and equipment

- Antiseptic Hand Wash 50ml – specially formulated with pure essential oils and herbs that are known for their antiseptic properties.


Using the pack is simple: keep Breathe Relief on hand for when congestion starts or use it as a preventative measure; use the Antiseptic Spray Blend to clean surfaces; use the Hand Wash to keep your hands clean at all times; and apply the Sanitiser Gel or Antiseptic Hand Wash before meals or touching any public surfaces. With these products, you can feel confident knowing your family is protected from colds and sickness this winter.


With the Colds and Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials, you can take action in protecting your family from colds and sickness this winter. This pack has everything you need to prevent—and fight off—sickness, so you can focus on enjoying winter instead of worrying about feeling ill. Invest in the Colds and Sickness Pack from Wenells Essentials and help safeguard your family’s health.

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