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Hozxclle Sefudun Mugwort Bamboo Charcoal Foot Patch

Hozxclle Sefudun Mugwort Bamboo Charcoal Foot Patch

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Natural Detoxification Foot Patch And Deep Cleaning Foot Pad Can Alleviates Fatigue, Promote Blood Circulation And Improve Sleep 10PC In A Pack
Product Description:
foot cleaning patch comes from traditional medicine. It naturally harmful substances through the feet and dissolves the body during rest. This increases vitality and relieves symptoms such as migraines, headaches, stress and sleep problems.
agents of natural ingredients, such as vitamin C, bamboo juice, chitin,
plant fiber and tree sap, contribute to foot and body recovery. This simple application allows them to quickly bring balance and happiness into their daily life and get rid of stress.
and dry your feet thoroughly before use. Then, glue the patch to the respective sole, the soft side in the middle. In order to achieve the desired effect, the pad should work for about 6 to 8 hours. After application, removes the patch and wash your feet again.
The footrest is contained in an Environmentally-Friendly recyclable zipper bag. This is used to prevents dirt. Therefore, the foot pads are durable, so you will have some of them for a long time. The carefully selected zipper bag deliberately eliminates unnecessary plastic to protects nature and the sea.
[improve sleep quality]: these foot pads can improve sleep quality, dispel cold and keep warm, relieve joint and muscle tension and promote blood circulation. They can keep warm in cold weather. They are no longer afraid of the cold
[natural conditioning]: Herbal foot patch can improve energy, immunity,
help sleep, relieve pain, absorb impurities, stimulate waste treatment and foot care.
[easy to use]: please fasten the foot pad before going to bed. Place the pad for 6-8 hours to relieve joint pain, and then place the pad in the morning. Do this every night for best results.
?? [multifunctional]: increase metabolism, improve sleep quality, relieve tension, whiten skin, and form a Healthys, clean and energetic lifestyle.
[usage]: as the long-term accumulation of the foot pad must be gradually removed, the effect of continuous use of the foot pad for the first time should be maintained for at least two weeks.
Product description
features: expel cold and keep warm, ruddy skin, reduce fatigue, improve
energy and immunity, help sleep, relieve pain and make you feel more comfortable. Long term care, sedative effect
Products include:
1 pack of foot stickers (10cps )
1. removes the foot sticker from the bag and tear off the small note.
2. The white side of the package is stuck in the middle of the foil.
3. Clean the foot skin before use (recommended for sleeping).
4. Align the position of Yongquan cave on the foot and stick it flat.
5. Tear off the non stick strip, press it gently and stick it in place.
Use for 6-8 hours after each use. Gently tear off and wipe the adhesive
part of the sole with a paper towel or hot and wet cloth.
1. This product is a disposable external product. Do not take or reuse.
2.Please put it out of children's reach.
3. Pregnant women and damaged skin. It is forbidden for people with sensitive skin.
4. Caking due to moistures. This is normal. It does not affect use.
1. For photos, please allow slight color difference.
2. The dimensions may be different due to manual measurement.
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  • The pictures are taken by professional photographers, which are in full compliance with the real thing
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