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Our natural base cream contains a powerful blend of Herbal Extracts, including Arnica and St John's Wort. Arnica is a well-known herbal remedy with a history of effectively helping with bruising and muscle injuries. When applied immediately after an injury, it can help reduce swelling and discomfort at the site of the injury. St John's Wort is also known for its ability to relieve nerve-related symptoms. When combined with Arnica in a cream mix, it can further reduce swelling and discomfort, making it an excellent choice for all forms of inflammation. Please note that this cream should not be used on broken skin that is bleeding, but it can be applied to grazed wounds.|

For best results, apply the cream three times a day, using your fingertips to massage it into the affected areas. If needed, you can also use our Peppermint Gel in conjunction with the Arnica & St John's cream. You can apply the gel either beneath or on top of the cream. Using these products together can help provide even greater relief for your symptoms.


Macadamia oil Shea butter, Glycerin almonds oil tocopherol Natural vitamin E and Grapeseed extract preservative The herbal extract of Arnica flower and St. John’s wort flowers

Used For

The natural base cream with a blend of herbal extracts (Arnica and St John's Wort) is primarily used to assist with bruising, muscle injuries, and all forms of inflammation. When applied immediately after an injury, the cream may help reduce swelling and discomfort at the site of the injury. The cream can also be applied to grazed wounds but should not be used on broken skin that is bleeding. It can be used three times a day for prevention and treatment.

Peppermint Gel can be used in conjunction with the Arnica & St John's cream to provide even greater relief for symptoms.

How to use 

 Apply 3 times a day for prevention and treatment. It can be used with Peppermint Gel, beneath or on top. Massage into areas of concern using your fingertips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Simply Amazing

Post knee surgery I had bruising for 5 days until I remembered my arnica and St. John’s wort which I started using on day 6. Surgeon told me it would be another 3 weeks before the bruising went due to the intensity of the surgery but by day 7 all bruising was completely gone after 2 days of using it. This stuff is amazing, genuinely. Start by buying a small tub, i guarantee you will buy a large one next time. The large jar lasts four family of 3 about 12 months, you only need a small amount

David Milan
Great for old knees

I have been using this for a long time and I find it really helps

John Lanuto


Lynne Delany
These Products are AMAZING!!

I have been using Arnica and St Johns Wort plus the Peppermint Gel for over 10 years and I wouldn't be wothout them. I started using these products after I had a prolapsed disc in my back. Doctor's told me I would have to be flat on my back for 8 weeks, so I went to Wendy for Masssage's and she gave me these products to use and I haven't looked back since. Any time I feel any pain returning, I use these products and it dissappears. If you have any type of joint pain or inflammation, these products are the answer. They are a miracle in a jar. Thank you Wendy!!

Dorothy Brindley

This cream was the only cream recommended for lymphedema. My GP had no suggestions to offer. I think it helps control the swelling.


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