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The House Hold Essentials

The House Hold Essentials

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This Pack Includes : 2 PRODUCTS 

Peppermint Gel : 

Looking for a natural way to relieve pain? Look no further than peppermint gel! This essential oil is derived from pure peppermint mentha and is effective in treating a variety of ailments. From headaches to muscle aches, this gel provides fast and long-lasting relief.

This product is formulated to target problem area’s of the body ,
And assists with Muscle Relaxation . A natural Laponite Gel with : Pure Peppermint Mentha Arvensis Essential Oil.
Can be used to assist with the relief of; Headaches; Stress &
Muscle Tension in Neck & Shoulders; for tired Legs & Feet and Muscle And Sciatica issues .
For Adults, Infants & Children, this gel is useful to assist with Wind and Abdominal Cramps. By applying a pea size amount across the stomach and abdomen area, the unique action of peppermint assists with relaxing these areas and therefore may help with easing discomfort.
Apply only a small amount to target problem areas as needed.
This Gel has a unique warming & cooling sensation on the skin. QRCODE
Gel Base (The Gel Consist Of grapeseed extract as preservative to its a natural preservative)
10% pure peppermint Mentha Arvensis oil This product is formulated to target problem area’s of the body ,And assists with Muscle Relaxation . Apply only a small amount to target problem areas as needed.This Gel has a unique warming & cooling sensation on the skin. 

St Johns Wort And Arnica Cream  

USE FOR : Get relief from everyday aches and pains with Wen’ells Arnica & St John’s Wort Cream. Our Arnica & St John’s Wort Cream is a Wen’ells signature treatment. Made with herbal extracts arnica and John’s wort, this cream is perfect for everyday use. Apply generously to affected areas and enjoy relief from pain, inflammation, and bruising.

Natural base cream with a blend of the Herbal Extracts Arnica & St John’s Wort . The herbal remedy Arnica has a history of being one of the most spectacular herbal remedies, used to assist with BRUISING & MUSCLE INJURY. When applied IMMEDIATELY it may help reduce swelling and discomfit at site of injury. The St John’s Wort assists with the symptoms of nerve issues and when combined with the Arnica in a cream mix, this may further reduce swelling and discomfit. This cream may be used to assist with all forms of inflammation. Can be used on grazed wounds ,but is not recommended for use on broken  skin like open wounds if bleeding  Apply three times a day.

 Peppermint gel can be used with Arnica & St John’s  cream if  needed .

 How To Use

Apply 3 times a day for prevention and treatment. It can be used with Peppermint Gel, beneath or on top. Massage into areas of concern using your fingertips.


Macadamia oil Shea butter,
Glycerin almonds oil tocopherol
Natural vitamin E and Grapeseed extract preservative
The herbal extract of Arnica flower and St. John’s wort flowers 


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